Monday, July 6, 2015

Our Mission Statement & Policies

As our group of badminton players here in the Fort Myers area grows and develops, we're making ongoing efforts to adjust the style of our club play to accommodate the interests, preferences and schedules of all those who join in.  Since there is often variation from week to week and especially between summer and winter in the composition of our group, we're trying to stay flexible in the format of our weekly sessions.

Even with that flexibility, each time we need to decide who plays with and against whom either in doubles or singles or who sits out and takes a rest break, we believe we all benefit from having some structure both to set up games and also to have some time for basic practice, learning the scoring rules, doing drills, etc.  This is often particularly beneficial for new players who don't yet know others in the group.  Since most of us prefer to use feather shuttles that fly straight, we also need to share in the very reasonable but ongoing cost of providing our group with feather shuttles.

Our experience thus far has been that some beginning players don't feel they need to have new shuttles for each game so our current policy regarding shuttles reflects that.  There will be a sign up sheet each week where all players sign up indicating whether they want to compete in games and use relatively new shuttles or if they prefer to just practice basic skills and/or play some games using either used feather shuttles or plastic shuttles.

Our current policy is $4.00 per session for players wanting to use club shuttles and no charge for those using warm-up shuttles (clinic and training).  Please don't forget to indicate on the sheet we provide your preference of playing competitive (new shuttles) or non-competitive (old shuttles only) for that week as well as upcoming weeks, verify your contact info and let us know if you would like to be receive regular e-mail updates about special events, our play schedule and any facility or time changes.

We don't recommend using plastic shuttles for players who want to raise their playing level using feather feather shuttles because of the different flight characteristics but all players are welcome to bring any shuttles from home (either feather or plastic) that they might want to use either for backup or alternate use.  We also encourage all of our more competitive players to join in games and training with the less competitive players sometimes in order that newer players can learn about the rules, strategies and techniques involved in competitive badminton.

For as long the Wa-Ke-Hatchee Recreation Center on Summerlin Road keeps Saturdays from 12-3pm and Monday 6:30-8:50pm reserved for badminton, the only facility cost to us is an initial $10 fee for an access card.  This card can be used when playing any sports at Lee County Recreation Centers and provides access to the restrooms/showers.  As our number of players increases, we hope to be able to have additional day(s) and hopefully other venues too.  Let us know your schedule preferences and if you have any other ideas or suggestions regarding adding new places/times to play or anything else about our club.

In the future we may have some 'club' rackets to make available as loaners for people who don't have one yet, break their strings without a spare or forget to bring one along, etc.  Both rackets and shoes come in a very wide range of types and prices so it's definitely best to ask around about what's available before you choose your equipment.

Cheers and See You On Court!

revised September 12th, 2011